What can we say, WOW!, what an awful time we have all endured,  we made a decision at the beginning of this pandemic to close untill next year, however, after speaking with guests, past and present, it occured to us that we will all be needing a break away, an escapism to slowly try and get back to some sort of normal.



For us to open we knew there would be challenges and guidelines from the government to ensure the safety of our guests, our staff and of course us, so you will see some changes.



Instead of our emphasis of social mixing we have gone a little alien and trying to keep this as limited as possible, instead of the communal firepits you will find each pitch now has it's own individual firepit. (Our only thing that is compulory is that the logs are only purchased from us before you come, there are new guidelines in place as to the moisture content of fire logs and we cannot allow logs bought elsewhere to be used).



To ensure your peace of mind and comfort we are asking that guests bring their own bed linen, something we know you will be more at ease with during these testing times.



We have signed a contract with a professional cleaning company to ensure that we are complying with all of the new guidelines, this does not mean they will clean up after you but an additional service to comply with new guidelines, you will still need to clean and tidy after you or you may incur extra charges.



You will notice hand sanitiser stations dotted about.



Instead of crockery and metal cutlery you can request, prior to your stay, a sealed pack of disposable cups, plates, knifes and forks in your tent on arrival, this ensures a more hygenic experience.



The shower block will be streamlined, so we can open and continually monitor the process in place there will be a large shower cubicle in each of the mens and womens blocks open. We do ask that you are respectful of others and keep these clean, they will also be cleaned by our new cleaning company but they are not here to tidy up after our guests, this is still camping and has a emphasis of all guests respecting others and keeping facilities clean.



Our bar and canteen will be open but limited times to start, we have supplied details of food places that will deliver to site and you can pre-order local beer and some wine before you arrive. Complimentary breakfast has been suspended until further notice.



We have had to remove our games and activities due to limiting the spread of the virus but we have a selection of games that can be pre-ordered ready for when you arrive, the good bit is that you get to take them home with you.



We hope to get back to normal as soon as possible but have ensured the changes we have had to make will have the minimal effect on our guests and they can still enjoy quality time with friends and family, after all this is priceless.



Thank you all so much for being undertanding, we do appreciate changes are inevitable but we hope you enjoy your stay with us and we always look forward to seeing you all again in the future.



Emma & Paul

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